Don & Janet with another happy family taking delivery of their "Dream Boat"


Dream Machines Int., Inc.
52 W. Lakeshore Dr. Burnside, Ky. 42519
Cell Phones - 704-813-8032 & 8034

e-mail - dreams748@aol.com

  Don & Janet Hevener are the owners and operators of Dream Machines. We have maintained a Mom and Pop operation since we started selling several lines of new and used houseboats since 1987, giving special attention to each of our customers. When transporting our own boats became a challenge, transporting was added to the services we provided. As various trucks and trailers were accumulated and calls from companies and individuals started coming in, we made the decision to become a for-hire transporter. At the present time, transporting consumes most of our time, taking us from coast to coast and various other locations in between. Added to our experience was recovering and transporting storm damaged boats in Florida. Sunken vessels were retrieved, boats were lifted over houses, out of yards, on sand bars and swimming pools. Adaptability and creativity was an everyday necessity. We have also transported several boats to various ports for overseas shipment, thus adding International to the Dream Machines name.

  With our various trailers, we have the capability of moving full hulls boats, cruisers and catamaran styles from 30' up to 90' in length. We are fully insured with nationwide coverage, ICC/DOT rated. We would be glad to address any questions or concerns you might have and free quotes are always available upon request. Our equipment is well maintained and trailers are continually being modified to offer safer and better transporting. We are always searching for ways to improve the quality and safety of our transporting business - Dream Machines does go the extra mile.

  When suitable ramps are available, we are one of the few transporters that wet load and launch in fresh water. We make every effort to return calls promptly and fulfill our commitments in a timely manner. We take great pride in handling the process from start to finish safely and professionally.

  Although the transporting business is not without hard work and stress in obtaining necessary permits, complying with state regulations, dealing with varying road conditions, detours and weather, we feel great satisfaction when each haul is completed. The happy, relieved faces of our customers upon seeing their “dream boat” come into full view is always rewarding. The transporting business has allowed us to meet and form many lasting relationships with a lot of wonderful people. We know there are still more wonderful people to meet, more “dream boats” to move and more beautiful places to see and visit, so give us a call. We can talk - can’t we?