Duncan, BC | The makers of award winning Ampersand Gin & Per Se Vodka have added a new limited-edition product to their line, just in time for the holidays. Nocino! is an Italian style green walnut liqueur made with walnuts hand picked in the Cowichan Valley & sweetened with local honey.

“We collected green walnuts this summer from friends in the valley and steeped them in our pure spirit. It turns this amazing deep walnut colour and lends an amazing aroma. Then we’ve spiced it with cinnamon, allspice, and fresh lemon peel and aged it for at least eighty days. It’s great for sipping on in the winter, and we love making cocktails with it. It pairs nicely with rye cocktails, and it’s a great addition to eggnog,” says co-founder & head distiller Jeremy Schacht.

Those looking for Nocino! can find it at bars and restaurants – Burdock & Co, Juniper, Agrius, Northern Quarter, Veneto, Wild Mountain, Old Firehouse Wine & Cocktail Bar, and Wolf in the Fog all carry the seasonal release. You can also make the trek to the Duncan Farmers’ Market to pick some up for yourself.

Nocino! continues Ampersand’s fresh take on classic spirits. You can find them at Legacy Liquor store for a tasting this Saturday, December 2nd, from 2-6pm.

4077 Lanchaster Rd. | Duncan, BC Telephone: 250.737.1880 | Email: jessica@ampersanddistilling.com Web: www.ampersanddistilling.com  | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Jeremy Schacht – Co-Founder/Head Distiller Stephen Schacht – Co-Founder/Resident Raconteur Jessica Schacht – Co-Founder/Operations & Sales Ramona Froehle-Schacht – Co-Founder/Promotions Alex Palmer – Distiller

Ampersand Distilling Company launched in October 2014. We are a family run craft distillery located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Our 1000L mash tun, 1000L pot still, and revolutionary 500L column still were designed and built by father-son duo Stephen & Jeremy Schacht.

Ampersand Gin bridges the gap between London Dry & New Western – at once a classic, yet with a twist. The bouquet is floral, bursting with citrus & juniper. The mid-palate offers spice from cardamom and the finish gives way to earthier botanicals like angelica & orris root. These botanicals shine against a background with body, sweetness, and a creamy mouth feel from our wheat spirit.

Per Se has a creamy mouth-feel and slight sweetness thanks to the organic BC wheat base. We start from scratch, milling organic BC wheat, fermenting it on site, and distilling it with nothing other than our own spring water and ingenuity. This unfiltered vodka is perfect by itself or mixed in cocktails. Why ampersand? Some say the ‘&’ symbol signifies a closer collaboration than the word ‘and’ – very fitting for our family venture. We are all about bringing things together. Science & art. Technology & tradition. Ingredients & techniques. Family & friends.

We make delicious spirits designed to be a staple on your bar. What will you bring together? Share your creations with #whatwillyoubringtogether and tag us @ampdistillingco. Find our spirits at Private Liquor Stores, bars, and restaurants across BC.

Best Gin in BC – BC Distilled 2017 Best Gin in BC – BC Distilled 2016 Best of BC – Northwest Summit 2016 Double Gold – Northwest Summit 2016 Winner – Vancouver International Spirits Competition 2016 Local Beverage of the Year – EAT Magazine 2015 Silver Medal – San Francisco Spirits Competition 2015 Per Se Vodka Best Vodka in BC – BC Distilled 2017 Best Vodka in BC – BC Distilled 2016 Winner – Vancouver International Spirits Competition 2016

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