A new Bluetooth Philips Hue Lightstrip looks to be on the way as German site Hueblog spotted the company applying for FCC approval for two new models…

The model 9290022691 is the 2 meter LightStrip with power adapter and the model 9290022692 is a 1 meter LightStrip that can be attached to an existing LightStrip. The maximum length of this product is 10 meters.

Supporting Bluetooth as well as the ZigBee standard will make it possible to use the new Lightstrips without a Philips Hue bridge.

The company’s main products work via the ZigBee protocol, which requires a hub – known as the Hue bridge – connected to your router. Offering products that support Bluetooth too eliminates the need for this, making getting started with Hue both easier and cheaper.

The company already offers a range of bulbs that support Bluetooth in addition to ZigBee, launched last summer. There are currently 19 different bulb packs available, spanning A19, BR30, candle, G25, ST19, and GU10 fitments.

Lightstrips are arguably the most versatile lighting product available in the Hue range. They can be cut to length, and multiple strips can be connected together. We have seven of them.

Uses include under-cabinet kitchen counter lighting, bookshelves, cabinets, wardrobes, TV stands, and accent lighting for anything from under sofas to behind desks.

There are two main things on the wish list of users: significantly smaller distances between the individual LEDs, and areas to be controlled individually for the simultaneous display of different colors.

I must say I’d appreciate more dense LED spacing, to avoid the ‘arch’ effect seen in reflected lights from the existing strips (which can be seen in the top photo here).

HomeKit is Apple's home automation app/framework that lets you control connected accessories from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, and Siri.

Philips Hue, initially introduced in 2012, is a line of color changing LED lightbulbs and accessories created by Dutch company Philips.

12v 24v Led Rotating Beacon Light

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