Fire officials are warning people not to leave electrical devices running on beds and sofas after a fire in Cumbria at the weekend.

The incident was sparked by a laptop that overheated on a bed in the village of Gosforth on Saturday.

Three people were taken to hospital but escaped injury after the blaze, which damaged the commercial building on Wasdale Road.

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service say the heat generated by laptops are a fire hazard, unless managed carefully.

“We would take this opportunity to warn the public and residents of Cumbria that they should not leave electrical devices on soft furnishings like beds or sofas. Laptops, phones and tablets contain lithium batteries that get very hot and can build up heat — potentially causing a fire.

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“Laptops specifically have air vents underneath the computer that are designed to allow the device to cool — if you have ever used a laptop on your lap you may have felt the build-up of heat as clothing stops this ventilation.”

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